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 +====== Why do links in modules redirect to home page? ======
 +This is a very common FAQ everyone asks after the installation. I click on a link in module and it shows the home page. This occurs because, you have failed to configure a setting **Set Itemid** for all modules.
 +To change this,
 +  - Login to your site back-end.
 +  - Go to **Extensions -> Module Manager**.
 +  - Edit the module for which you want to change. Example, //Latest Projects//.
 +  - Under **Advanced** tab or **Module** tab (for some modules), you will find the setting **Set Itemid**.
 +  - Set it to your preferred and suitable/​meaningful menu item. For example, //Open Projects//.
 +  - Now refresh the front page and click on links. You will find the page gets redirected to the menu item set.
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