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 +====== Why are my projects not getting listed in front-end? ======
 +There are several reasons your projects will not be posted immediately.
 +  - Is the project **Start or Publish Date** set to today'​s date? For example, today'​s date is 18-04-2014 and the project publish date is set to be 21-04-2014; hence the project will be published at this future date only. If you want to show the projects immediately,​ choose today'​s date.
 +  - Is the project approved? To check if it is approved, go to [[admin:​projects|Project Manager]] and check the status of the project under **Approved** column. If it is unapproved, approve it.
 +  - Is your time zone set right in [[http://​​J3.2:​Global_configuration|Joomla Global Configuration]]?​
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