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 +====== How do I get redirected after login? ======
 +This FAQ could further be split into two.
 +===== A. How do I get redirected after my first login? =====
 +In Joomla, by default, after you activate your account (through activation email), you will be redirected to Joomla Profile page which serves no purpose. Here is the solution to redirect to JoomBri Dashboard.
 +  - Download the latest [[http://​​extensions/​access-a-security/​site-access/​login-redirect/​12395|Core Login Redirect]] plugin from JED.
 +  - [[installation:​installation|Install]] the plugin by following the usual procedure.
 +  - Go to **Plugin Manager** and edit **System - Core Login Redirect**.
 +  - Set the **Status** to //​Enabled//​.
 +  - By Default, all the **Component** field will be set to //Community Builder//. It is very important to change all the values to //Joomla Core// to avoid error pages.
 +  - Under **PROFILE HANDLER**, set **Component** to //Custom// and **Redirect URL** to //​index.php?​option=com_jblance&​view=user&​layout=dashboard//​
 +  - Save the plugin and try to activate an account if this solves your problem.
 +**Note:** If this plugin is enabled, //Edit Account// option in the profile edit page will not work.
 +===== B. How do I get redirected after every/​consequent login? =====
 +If you are logging in from Login Module, you can redirect your users to JoomBri Dashboard.
 +  - Login to your site's backend.
 +  - Go to **Module Manger** and edit **Login Form**.
 +  - Set **Login Redirection Page** to //​Dashboard//​.
 +**Note:** Dashboard menu-item will be available in the list only if you have created it in Menu Manager.
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