Why don't I receive email notifications?

Our system sends notification emails on several events and they are given below. The emails are sent when,

  • a new subscription is bought.
  • there is a new account registration.
  • a project is posted or bidding occurs.
  • there is a fund deposit or request.
  • user sends Private Messages.

We have tested our system thoroughly for all the above notifications and it is very robust. But there are some exceptions some of our users feel they don't receive some notifications.

Case 1: Mail Server is not configured

In this case, if the server is not configured properly, you will not receive any notifications. In other words, your site is not capable of sending any emails. To check the settings,

  1. Login to your site's back-end.
  2. Go to Global Configuration → Server and locate the Mail Settings section.
  3. You may need your web-host provider support to configure this.

To check if it is properly configured,

  1. Login to your site's back-end.
  2. Go to Users → Mass Mail Users.
  3. Select a Group to which you want to send a message and type something in Subject and Message.
  4. If you can successfully send a message, you may confirm your server is configured properly.
  5. If you receive any error message, you need to contact your web host provider.

Case 2: Receive System Email

Sometimes you might think the site administrators do not receive when there are new registrations, etc. By default, Super Admin receive all the system emails. If you have created a new administrator A and you want this admin to receive system related emails,

  1. Login to your site's back-end
  2. Go to Users → User Manager and edit the user you want to edit.
  3. Set Receive System emails to Yes

For better understanding, assume there are 5 admins in your system. You want 3 admins A1, A3, A4 to receive notifications.

Then login to backend → User → User Manager. Edit A1, A3, A4 and set Receive System Emails to Yes. When there is a new registration or deposit / withdraw / project approval, the three admins will receive the notification.

Case 3: Email goes to SPAM box

This is a common mistake by our members not checking the SPAM / Junk box. In Joomla, not all emails go to Inbox and some of the email clients treat it like spam and move to spam box.

Case 4: Freelancers do not receive project notifications

Freelancers do not receive all project notifications but depending on the settings set in the backend.

  • If Project notification match Skills is set to Yes, freelancers will receive a notification, if any or all of their skill(s) matches project categories.
  • If Project notification match Location is set to Yes, freelancers will receive a notification, if their location matches the project location.

For example, a freelancer located in India has skills in Joomla, WordPress and Internet Marketing. If a project is posted in any or all of the above categories and the project location is India, the freelancer will receive the New Project Notification. If the project is posted in PHP and its location is the US, it's obvious the freelancer will not receive.

Case 5: Individual Email Preferences

By default, all users receive all notification emails. If a particular user is not receiving emails, then it depends on his individual notification preference set in this profile. To check if all the notifications are enabled,

  1. Login to site's front-end.
  2. Go to Dashboard → Profile → Email Preference.
  3. Set all the fields to Yes.

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