How do I get redirected after login?

This FAQ could further be split into two.

A. How do I get redirected after my first login?

In Joomla, by default, after you activate your account (through activation email), you will be redirected to Joomla Profile page which serves no purpose. Here is the solution to redirect to JoomBri Dashboard.

  1. Download the latest Core Login Redirect plugin from JED.
  2. Install the plugin by following the usual procedure.
  3. Go to Plugin Manager and edit System - Core Login Redirect.
  4. Set the Status to Enabled.
  5. By Default, all the Component field will be set to Community Builder. It is very important to change all the values to Joomla Core to avoid error pages.
  6. Under PROFILE HANDLER, set Component to Custom and Redirect URL to index.php?option=com_jblance&view=user&layout=dashboard
  7. Save the plugin and try to activate an account if this solves your problem.

Note: If this plugin is enabled, Edit Account option in the profile edit page will not work.

B. How do I get redirected after every/consequent login?

If you are logging in from Login Module, you can redirect your users to JoomBri Dashboard.

  1. Login to your site's backend.
  2. Go to Module Manager and edit the Login Form.
  3. Set Login Redirection Page to Dashboard.

Note: Dashboard menu-item will be available in the list only if you have created it in Menu Manager.

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