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The first step is the registration of users. Users are grouped into Jobseekers and Employers.

Careers Home

This is the initial landing page of JoomBri Careers. There are two options

  • Existing User
  • New User

Existing User

When you click on the Existing User button, this login panel is shown below. Users can enter their username and password to sign in to the system.

New User

When you click on the New User button, the sign-up section is shown below. There are two user groups options,

  • Jobseeker
  • Employer

Jobseeker Profile

If you have chosen Jobseeker option in the sign-up section, Jobseeker's resume builder page will be shown below. You can add any number of experience history and education dynamically.

Employer Profile

If you have chosen Employer option in the sign-up section, the following company profile page will be shown.