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Why do I get "You cannot access the private section of this site"?

This question is asked frequently in our forum, why cannot I login after registration? I'm getting You cannot access the private section of this site error message.


The reason why you receive this error is because the user is not assigned to any Joomla user group. This mistake is commonly done by our members who want to assign their registered users to different user groups.

How to solve?

Please carefully follow the steps below to solve this.

  1. Login to your site's backend.
  2. Navigate to JoomBri Dashboard → Configuration → User Group.
  3. Edit all the user groups by clicking on the name.
  4. Locate the setting Joomla User Group.
  5. Set it to 2 (because the default Joomla user group ID for Registered is 2).


  • If you are an advanced Joomla user and have extensive knowledge about Joomla! user groups, you may create different user groups and set the ID into the JoomBri user group settings.
  • If you are not sure of what this setting is for, please set it to default value 2.