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Adding custom field values in Emails

It is now possible to add custom field values to Email templates since JoomBri Freelance v1.2.4

Here is the trick.

  1. Login to backend.
  2. Go to Email Templates 
  3. In the message body, add the tags in the format given below.
[CUSTOM_X_PUBLISHER]	Custom Field ID of project publisher
[CUSTOM_X_BIDDER]	Custom Field ID of bidder
[CUSTOM_X_PROJECT]	Custom Field ID of project

In the above, X is the id of the custom field.


An example of this feature is illustrated below. After a Freelancer accept the offer from a Buyer, it might be necessary to share the contact info between the two users. To do so, go to Email Templates.

Bid Accepted (to publisher)


Bid Accepted (to bidder)

Contact Details of Buyer:

In the above, 5,6,7,8 are custom field IDs.