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How to solve MooTools & jQuery conflict?

Some page/site load both MooTools & jQuery file which result in conflict. As a result, some JavaScript function will not work and the page stays with no response. To solve this,

  1. Install jQuery Easy plugin.
  2. After installation, go to Extensions → Plug-in Manager and locate the newly installed plugin System - jQuery Easy.
  3. Click on it to edit the plugin.
  4. Set Status to Enabled
  5. On the right-hand side, set the following.
    • Enable jQuery = jQuery
    • Version = jQuery v1.8 (latest version) (other versions can be tried).
    • Replace When Unique = Yes
    • Add When Missing = Yes
    • Strip No Conflict Code = Yes
    • Add No Conflict Code = Thru Script
    • Fix Document Ready = No
  6. Other settings are set to default by the plugin.
  7. Save and close the plugin.
  8. Refresh the front-page to see if the issue is fixed.