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Translating the Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is easy to translate the Non-Disclosure Agreement simply by translating the text file located at 

Joomla 4:

Joomla 3:

to any language.

But, if the text contains alphabets like Cyrillic or Greek, it is going to be a challenging thing. We have documented for Cyrillic/Russian alphabets below.

  1. Download
  2. Upload it to the folder <root>/administrator/components/com_jblance/helpers/pdflib
  3. Extract it (you may be warned about overwriting fpdf.php file and click Yes).
  4. Make sure the previous fpdf.php has been replaced with the new version and new folder unifont has been created under font folder.

Note: Please note that the changes given above cannot be included to our package because the encoding will be different for different non-English alphabets and this will increase the size of our installation package.