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The first step is the registration of users. Users are categorised into groups like Freelancers, Buyers, Hire & Work, etc. You may create as many groups in User Groups Manager.

Step 1 - Selection of User Group

The home page of JoomBri Freelance is shown below.
In the above page, choose your appropriate user group and continue.

Step 2 - Choosing the Membership

In this step, users select their desired subscription plan. However, it is also possible to skip this step if Skip plan selection? is set to Yes in User Groups page.

Select your appropriate plan and choose your mode of payment and continue.

Step 3 - User Account Information

In this step, user enter his account information which will be used to login to the system.

Step 4 - Profile Information

User enter all the profile information that will be shown to other site members. Please note that the information in this page will be different for different user groups.
After entering all the information, click on Save button. Notification emails will be sent to the user registered and the administrators.