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Funds Deposit Manager

Administrators can approve or delete Funds Deposit requests from this page.

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Funds Withdrawal Manager

Administrators can approve or delete Funds Withdrawal requests from this page.
Approving/Clearing Withdrawal requests is a manual process. When a user wants to withdraw funds from his account, he/she will specify the amount and the ID (for example, PayPal ID) to which the fund has to be transferred to. Admin after sending the money to his account, will approve the request.

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Escrow / Fund Transfer Manager

Administrators can monitor Escrow / Transfer of funds between users from this page.

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Reporting Manager

This page shows list of reportings received for users and projects. When a count specified in Component Settings is reached, an appropriate action is automatically taken. Admin may also take manual action when reports are received.

Reporting Details

To view the details of the report, click on View Report from the list.

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How to navigate to this page?

Login to Joomla back-end and browse to JoomBri Dashboard → Configuration.

Configuration Panel

This configuration page is very important to administrators to configure the system to their own requirements. Read the desctiption below for more info about the each section.


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